Session structure

Content structure for sessions in the Director's Training at the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs

Topic ‘Ethical Business practices and Organizational Integrity’ - The Gandhian approach to inspire modern leaders
Session-1 Value based leadership traits 20 minutes
Gandhian economics and ethical business practices 40 minutes
Discussion 10 minutes
Session-2 Trusteeship & societal responsibility 20 minutes
Courage of conviction and strategizing skills 20 minutes
Q & A 10 minutes
Methodology Lecture session, discussion and A/v presentation
Duration 120 minutes
Objective Enhance the standards of the corporate governance and to meet rising expectations from diverse stakeholders and demonstrate good governance and high professional conduct
Learning Goals
  • Gain new insights and widen perspective for mind-set change

  • Develop capability for transformational leadership

  • Bring integrity, accountability and transparency in all spheres of governance

  • Remain vigilant and work towards growth and reputation of the Company

  • Evaluate present business from an ethical governance perspective


  • Mahatma Gandhi’s words and deeds illuminate the business challenges of today- and tomorrow. There are few corporate leaders who can measure up to the standards set by Mahatma Gandhi in the practice of ethical leadership.

  • Corporate governance is a set of accepted principles by management of the inalienable rights of the shareholders as a true owner of the corporation and of their own role as trustees on behalf of the shareholders. Gandhian economics stands for commitment to values, ethical business conduct, transparency and makes a distinction between personal and corporate funds in the management of a company.

  • Mahatma Gandhi proved that moral and ethical behaviour is inexorably linked to the sincere understanding and practice of the eternal values. His leadership qualities of being honest, trustworthy and practicing integrity in public life are a perfect model to be emulated in all spheres of corporate governance.

  • If Truth is relevant, Gandhi is relevant. He is a supreme practical leader for change whose life can inspire and guide the modern and aspiring CEOs, managers in building and leading an ethical and profitable enterprise.