The Gandhian Forum aims at highlighting the relevance of Gandhian economic principles with special reference to contemporary Indian economy under globalization. The Gandhian Economics has all time relevance with remarkable originality and analytical potency of very high order. Having an idea about the Gandhian economic concepts, we need to explain the relevance of these principles in the contemporary economic scenario. .

India has stepped into the era of globalization with the introduction of new economic reforms since 1991. The importance on liberalization, privatization and globalization has resulted in gradual withdrawal of unnecessary trade and business restrictions, encouragement to private initiatives and integration of the Indian economy to the world economy. Adoption of economic reforms or globalization has resulted in the overall economic development of the country

Thus we observe that globalization has failed to remove the problems of many important socio-economic sectors. The important question is how the deficiencies and harmful effects of globalization can be adequately made up by the application of Gandhian economic principles so that full-fledged growth can be achieved. Maintaining transparency in carrying out socio-economic needs and take care of People, Planet and then Profit (PPP bottom line).