Concept and Process

Gandhian economics is a school of economic thought based on the socio-economic principles expounded by Mahatma Gandhi.It places importance to means of achieving the aim of development and this means must be ethical and truthful in all economic spheres. In order to achieve this means, he advocated trusteeship, decentralization of economic activities and priority to weaker sections. Gandhi’s focus on human development is also seen as an effective emphasis on the eradication poverty, social conflict and backwardness in developing nations. Gandhi’s socio-economic idea has gained the interest and attention of an increasing number of business leaders and people across the world.

Robust engagement with the Gandhian Forum as an initiative should be a crucial aspect of ethical excellence in business in the future as the four components of

(i)   local networks,

(ii)   working groups,

(iii)   issue based initiatives and

iv)   promotion and support of ethics and values in industry are deemed critical all over the world.