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Lecture on ‘Gandhian Ideology for Ethical Business Practices’
It is wrong to think that business is incompatible with ethics. I know that is perfectly possible to carry on one's business profitably, and yet honestly and truthfully.’
- Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi is the most well known Indian in the world. His life was one of dedication and simplicity and he valued non-violence, truth and purity of means as the guiding principles of his life. Mahatma Gandhi displayed the ability to lift the question of morals from that of the personal, and transform it into a question that reflects and impacts the ethics of all of humanity. There are few among the 20th century leaders who can measure up to the standards set by Mahatma Gandhi in the practice of ethical leadership. Mahatma Gandhi proved that moral and ethical behavior is inexorably linked to the sincere understanding and practice of the philosophy of truth, nonviolence and purity of means. The value based leadership espoused by Mahatma Gandhi in public life is a perfect model to be emulated in all spheres of our activities. If Truth is relevant, Gandhi is relevant. The Mahatma has inspired many and given them the strength to be the change they want to see in the world.


Duration: 120 minutes  
    Hindi / English

Ethical Leadership and Values at workplace



Need for transparency, accountability & personal probity



Trusteeship & societal responsibility



Gandhian economics of ethical business practices



Commitment to organizational integrity & ethical behavior



Gandhi lives on…



Smt Shobhana Radhakarishna, Eminent Citizen, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India



Shri Ravi Chopra, Founder Secretary, Center for Gandhian Vision and Values



Photographs, books and portable Charkha


Requirement for A/v presentation:  

LCD projector, audio system and mikes, 2 small tables


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For the team of two faculty members to be arranged by the Company from Delhi and back by air (economy class) with local conveyance arrangements



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