Key Dimensions

The Gandhian Forum provides learning to all levels of executives so that they are able to have insight into the complex business environment, both domestic and global. It strives to promote appropriate facilitation and empowerment to develop the capability to deal with such issues with a new mind set and outlook. Thinking global is no more a choice but a compulsion. To deal with and leverage the factors of global competitiveness, there is a need to focus on the aspects of communication, clarity of issues and strategies based on Gandhianeconomics and then approach the business with a pro change mindset.

In today’s business and general environment, appropriate sharing of communication with the external environment has acquired new and challenging dimensions. To help in this area the Gandhian Forum is available to members.

The approach of the Gandhian Forum is to focus on the priority of ethics and values in personal and professional lives, financial transparency and accountability, taking decisions in a fair and transparent manner, increased efficiency and sincerity, managing and motivating human resources, maintaining relations and according top priority to customers and stakeholders, setting higher standards of leadership, humane approach to conflict resolution and carrying out the societal responsibility.