The Gandhian Forum is primarily constituted for member organizations of SCOPE, who are working onwards enhancing the standards of the corporate governance and corporate social responsibility of their companies in such a way as to achieve corporate sustainability in a global environment. The Gandhian Forum will identify the need and organise program in order to spread the learning and focus attention on good ethical leadership practices nationally and internationally that are based on Gandhian economics.

At the practical level the forum deliberates on how Gandhian wisdom can guide us in our quest for finding more effective ways of coping up with the complex challenges of our times. It also sees how Gandhianeconomic principlescan help us better cope up with reference to contemporary Indian economy under globalization, the predicament in the Industries to attain a sustainable economic order as well as inpersonal, interpersonal and spiritual predicaments in our lives.

Eighty five years ago Mahatma Gandhi had advised Indian business leadersthat the value of an industry should be gauged less by the dividends it pays to shareholders than by its effect on the bodies, soul and spirits of the people employed in it. But today, the nature and complexion of political-business partnership is far from this

The last decade has witnessed enormous developments in the field of corporate sustainability. Thousands ofcompanies around the world have established commitments and policies to integrate and diffuse universal principlesin the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, business ethics&anti-corruption.Reinforcing this trend has been theupward movement of corporate sustainability oversight and execution within organizations - many more chief executive officers and boards of directors are leading the agenda as per the UN Global Compact.